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GE Core Module – English

GE Core Module – English



THEi’s English program is designed to enhance your ability to use English effectively in academic and professional contexts while fostering your autonomy as an independent learner. You are also provided with ample opportunity to enrich your social life and have fun using English with friends.


Key features of the program are:

  • In-class Interactive Project-based Learning.

  • Outside-class Individualized Support.

  • Social English.



Module Information

The English curriculum comprises three core modules: GEC4201 English for Academic Studies 1, GEC5202 English for Academic Studies 2 and GEC5206 English for Professional Purposes.


  • GEC4201 English for Academic Studies 1 focuses on key basic skills needed to convey your ideas in English through in-class discussion and student presentations. The emphasis is on constructing complex arguments clearly and logically when you speak and write in English.

  • Building on what you learn in the previous module, the focus in GEC5202 English for Academic Studies is on academic research. You are presented with a problem and asked to do research in order to recommend ways to solve the problem. In-class practice is designed to help you convey your ideas in different ways: an academic research report and a multimedia social campaign.

  • GEC5206 English for Professional Purposes adopts the format of a case study to help you practice the communication skills relevant to your future profession, through activities such as job-hunting, reports and proposals, business correspondence and meetings.

English Language Support Outside Class

At THEi we understand that to master a language requires more than just lessons, no matter how effective these are. You will have myriad opportunities to enhance your English thanks to the services available through our website:



Writeadvice provides individualized assistance with your academic essays. You just need to book a consultation session online and come prepared to discuss your work with one of our #Writeadvice tutors, either face to face or through SKYPE after office hours.



e-learn is a web-based learning platform we are currently developing at THEi to host our Language Companion Workshops. Language Companion Workshops are designed to help you study content subjects in different disciplines more effectively, making use of online lectures, e-reading materials with glossaries and interactive questions, and discussion groups.



e-magine consists of a wide variety of language enhancement activities available throughout the entire academic year at the Centre for Learning Enhancement (CLE) for THEi students to join on a first-come-first-serve basis. You simply cannot imagine how many things you will be able to enjoy while practicing English:  games, weekly movies, reading workshops, IELTS preparation workshops, cooking classes, DIY activities, wine and cheese pairing, you choose…