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Landscape Architecture students joined "Inspired by Singapore: Design for Healthy Aging Workshop"

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Inspired by Singapore: Design for Healthy Aging Workshop


For 2 weeks in June and July,  27 Design and Nursing students from the University of Canberra and Monash University, 13 Landscape Architecture students from the Technological and Higher Education Institute (THEi) of Hong Kong, 11 Nursing students from the School of Heatlh Sciences of the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and 15 students from the School of Design of NYP participated in the Inspired by Singapore: Design for Healthy Aging Workshop.


The teams visited hospitals, design firms and care facilities to research on creating new and innovative design solutions for healthy aging.  Design for the ageing population is a topic of interest across the globe but is especially relevant in the Asia Pacific region where some of the largest population imbalances are estimated.  In Singapore the aging population is rapidly increasing.  Currently there are 440,000 people over the age of 65 and it is estimated that by 2030 it will double to 900,000 with one in five residents 65 or older.  The impact of this population imbalance will be profound.  More robust health services will need to be implemented and considerations for housing, community interaction and dealing with new technologies will need to be adapted to suit the needs of this growing population. 


The research findings were showcased in an exhibition at National Design Centre from the 7 to 10 July.  The Opening Ceremony was a jazzy event attended by students from the four countries, Mr Henry Heng, Deputy Principal, Organisational Excellence of NYP, Prof Lyndon Anderson, Dean of University of Canberra, Ms Lauren Hernandez, Second Secretary, Australian High Commission, Lecturers from all four institutions and Design Practitioners.


The Inspired by Singapore Workshop and Exhibition has brought together different cultural and disciplinary voices.  Other than providing the opportunity for students to work on the topic of design for healthy ageing, it also allowed for the forging of new partnerships and friendships through cross-cultural exchanges !