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Faculty of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chinese Medicinal Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Chinese Medicinal Pharmacy

Chinese Medicine Pharmacist Registration 



Dr. Dawn AU, programme leader of Chinese Medicinal Pharmacy programne met and discussed the Chinese medicine pharmacist registration with Mr. CHAN Wing Kwong, member of the Legislative Council. (04/2023)



Chinese Herbel Medicine Mosquito Repellent Workshop

"Innovation and Technology Shennong -
5G Hydroponic Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultivation Project"

1 2

Students assisted in held a workshop to the public. (02/2023)

Students assisted in the study of hydroponic traditional Chinese medicine. (02/2023)


21st Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Alliance Awards 

"Medicinalis Planta in latino"

3 4

Students obtained Winner and Merit Awards. (12/2022)

Chinese Medicine Products Traceability and Verification Platform 

  • Research and Development category: Winner
  • Consumer category - Retail and Distribution: Merit

Dr. LAU Kai Man, an expert in Latin, explained plant Latin to students in the lecture. (12/2022)


2022 Hong Kong ICT Awards

Field Studied at Shing Mun Country Park 

5 6

Students assisted in the development of Chinese Medicine Products Tracing and Verification Platform. (11/2022)

  • ICT Startup (Social Impact) Award: Silver Award

Students learned the common medicinal plants in Hong Kong. (11/2022)


Happy Old Buddies

"Free as the Wind"

7 8

Assistant Professor Dr. Dawn AU explained the Cordyceps sinensis and Lodoicea maldivica in the program. (11/2022)

Assistant Professor Dr. Dawn AU and Lecturer Dr. Wesley CHOW explained the traditional Chinese medicine Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium on the radio. (11/2022)


Dietary therapy manual for the prevention and conditioning of coronavirus disease

One School One Traditional
Chinese Medicines (TCM) Garden

9 10

Students assisted in compiling the book, expecting to bring practical and correct Chinese medicine knowledge to the public. (08/2022)

Students assisted in organizing Chinese herbal medicine talks, workshops, recognition ceremony, and community exhibitions. (07/2022)


Collaboration with L'OCCITANE

VTC 40th Anniversary Ceremony
cum Outstanding Alumni Award

11 12

Students assisted in organizing Aroma Garden. (06/2022)

Students attend the VTC Outstanding Alumni Award Presentation Ceremony. (06/2022)


Chinese Medicines Dispensing System

2021 Hong Kong ICT Awards

13 14

Students assisted in the development of a TCM dispensing system, hoping to improve the efficiency of TCM hospital dispensing and logistics operations. (05/2022)

Students assisted in the development of Chinese Medicine Products Tracing and Verification Platform. (11/2021)

  • Smart Living (Smart Healthcare) Award: Silver Award


Hydroponic Farming System of Chinese Medicines

Industry Collaboration

15 16

Student assisted in the research of hydroponic farming of Chinese medicines to improve planting efficiency. (05/2021)

The elective course "Functional Food Design" cooperates with the industry. Students designed and developed innovative Chinese medicine health products and present to the industry. (12/2019)


Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Industry Association Celebration: 70th anniversary of founding of the People's Republic of China cum 6th Executive Committee

Shiu-Ying Hu Herbaium

17 18

Students attened the industry celebration. (10/2019)

The Herbarium Curator Dr. David LAU was introduced the herbarium's mission and work. The CUHK’s Herbal Garden and Chinese Medicine museum of Institute of Chinese Medicine were also visited. (10/2019)


Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute

Seminar On Research and Development of Chinese Medicines 2019

19 20

Students visited the professional laboratories and Chinese Medicine Herbarium. (10/2019)

Students knew about technology trends, research outcomes, clinical experiences of Chinese and integrative medicines by the experts speakers. (09/2019)