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  • General Education Core Modules


2006 Bachelor of Science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia
2008 Master of Arts in Philosophy, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
2010 Master of Philosophy, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


2010- 2011 Project Officer, Hong Kong Institute of Education
Visiting Lecturer, Community College of City University
2011- 2012 Teaching Associate, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education


2010 Best Abstract Award, 2010 Conference on Social Work and Social Development
Postgraduate Student Research Grant, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • Citizenship
  • Education Policy
  • Social Policy


Academic Journal Articles

  • D. W. L. HO. (2017). “The Dilemma between Class Status and Property”, The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies, 12 (2), pp.25-33. 
  • D. W. L. HO. (2016). “The Middle class has become more squeezed: Does globalization matter?”, The Global Studies Journal, 9 (3), pp.11-20.


Book Chapter

  • D. W. L. HO & Chi-kit, CHAN. (2017). “Unequal Vulnerability to Social Risks: Analysis of Hong Kong's Social Strata”, in Brian C. H. Fong and Tai-Lok Lui (ed.) Hong Kong 20 Years after the Handover: Emerging Social and Institutional Fractures After 1997, London: Palgrave, pp. 216-236.


Conference Papers

  • D. W. L. HO. (2017). “Income Inequality rises, Middle Class Shrinks: Risky society leads to a risky identity” paper presented at The Seventh International Postgraduate Roundtable and Research Forum, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, July 2017.
  • D. W. L. HO. (2017). “Citizenship and its latest development—Hong Kong experience”, paper presented at The Tenth Global Studies Conference, National University of Singapore, Singapore, June 2017.
  • D. W. L. HO. (2016). “Understanding Middle Class from the Young Elite Perspective” paper presented at The International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Imperial College London, London, UK, August 2016.
  • D. W. L. HO. (2016). “Why did a national education proposal raise furor in Hong Kong?” paper presented at Twelfth Annual CitizED Conference, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, July 2016.
  • D. W. L. HO. (2016). “A Dilemma for Families in Hong Kong: Middle Class Status, Vulnerability and Property” paper presented at The 8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health, National University of Singapore, Singapore, June 2016.


Commentaries (Translated)


Commentaries (Educational issues)

  • 何伟伦 (2017) 〈平权争议 是教育危机还是契机?〉信报财经新闻C04,优质教育,教育讲论,2017-07-15。
  • 何伟伦 (2017) 〈学校角色与推广体育〉,财经新闻C04,优质教育,教育讲论,2017-05-25。
  • 何伟伦 (2017) 〈建造业与年轻人〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2017-04-13。
  • 何伟伦 (2017) 〈脱贫路漫长 高教缩差距〉,信报财经新闻C04,优质教育,教育讲论,2017-03-14。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈补选前夕谈公民教育〉,信报财经新闻C04,优质教育,教育讲论,2016-12-10。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈谈资助与自资课程协调〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2016-11-17。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈谈动物医学〉,信报财经新闻C04,优质教育,教育讲论,2016-10-20。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈传媒工作者的教育调适〉,信报财经新闻C04,优质教育,教育讲论,2016-09-13。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈Pokémon GO是抵制还是接纳?〉信报财经新闻 C04,优质教育,教育讲论,2016-08-19。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈少见世面的运动员〉,信报财经新闻C04,优质教育,教育讲论, 2016-08-16。


Commentaries (Socio-political issues)

  • 何伟伦 (2017) 〈世界难民日〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2017-06-20。
  • 何伟伦 (2017) 〈选战看似热闹 价值却在取舍〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2017-04-08。
  • 何伟伦 (2017) 〈马斐森败走港大启示〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2017-02-25。
  • 何伟伦 (2017) 〈悲剧后 应该如何善后〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2017-02-21。
  • 何伟伦 (2017) 〈故宫争议纵合理 惟恐搔不到痒处〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2017-01-14。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈动机正确的不理性选择〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2016-11-15。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈「阴干」本上策 港独愈禁愈猖狂〉,香港经济日报A26,国是港事,2016-07-25。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈英女皇寿辰的启示〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2016-07-12。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈香港沦陷 真实而非想像〉,苹果日报A12,论坛,2016-03-30。
  • 何伟伦 (2016) 〈一面国旗的争议〉,信报财经新闻A17,时事评论,2016-01-26。