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  • Transportation Engineering
  • Sustainability and Infrastructure Design
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Introduction to Airport Systems and Travel Management
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • Civil Engineering WIL internship Coordinator
  • Computer Programming
  • Final year projects supervisor in B.Eng.(Hons) degree course


2016 Ph.D. cand, Faculty of Engineering, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
1989 (Dip Ed) Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Chinese University of HK
1985 MSc in Transportation Engineering and Planning, Manchester Salford University, UK
1983 BSc in Computational and Statistical Science with Operational Research, Liverpool University, UK


  • Transport Planner, KMB
  • Head of Computerisation and Penal Chairman, Po Leung Kuk Secondary School
  • Lecturer, University of East Asia, Macau
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business, Lingnan University
  • Lecturer, Vocational Training Council (Shatin)
  • Assistant Education Officer, Education Department, HKSAR
  • Programme Manager, HKUSPACE
  • Lecturer, HK Institute of Education
  • The Principal, Foursome Education Center
  • Chief Executive and General Manager, Asia International
  • Faculty of Business, City University of Hong Kong
  • Teaching Fellow One, Faculty of Science and Technology, The Technological and Higher Education Institute of HK (Thei)


  • Member, The Chartered Institute of Transport (MCIT), UK
  • Fellow Member, Royal Statistical Society (FSS), UK
  • Member, British Computer Society (MBCS)
  • Member, Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET), UK
  • Member, Hong Kong Computer Society (MHKCS)
  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MIEEE)
  • Member, Australian Computer Society (MACS)
  • Registered Teacher, Education Department, HKSAR
  • Committee Member, Train-the-trainer certificate course developer in the Use of IT in Education for HK teachers, endorsed by HK University & HK Institute of Education
  • New Zealand Education Specialist, Education NZ
  • Publication Committee Member, The Travel Industry Council of HK


  • Traffic Accident Investigation by Human Factors Behaviours
  • Transport Planning and Routing
  • Traffic Flow Simulation and Modelling
  • Traffic Surveying
  • Traffic Management Methods
  • Green Transportation
  • Aviation Operation and Travel Management


  • Raymond Fu (1999) Editor on “Student-Centered Learning Packages (teaching materials) of Data Structures in C programming - Volume 1,2,and 3) to Vocational Training Council of HK on Oct 1997 with Version 1 (1998) and Version 2 (1999)
  • Raymond Fu, A. Loo, A. Lam (1997), a chapter named "Application of World Wide Web in Civic Education" in Multimedia Technology and Applications, Vincent W.S. Chow (Ed.), pp233-239 Springer-Verlag Singapore Pte. Ltd. 1997
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  • Raymond Fu, A. Lam, A. Loo (1995), “Efficiency Measurement of Distributed Statistical Sorting Algorithms” The 4th Conference on Applications of High-performance Computing in Engineering ASE 95 Milan, Italy
  • Raymond Fu, A. Loo (1994), “Performance Measurement of Parallel Algorithms for Linear Programming Problems”, Bangalore, India
  • Raymond Fu, A. Loo, A. Lam (1994), “Complexity of Concurrent Database Operations” 2nd International Conference on Concurrent Engineering & Electronic Design Automation, Bournemouth, UK