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  • Epidemiology
  • Public Health
  • Infection Control
  • Health Promotion


2011 PhD in Medical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2006 Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biochemistry (Minor in Biology), The Chinese University of Hong Kong


2019 - Present Lecturer, Department of Food and Health Science, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
2015 - 2018 Teaching Fellow, Department of Food and Health Science, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
2013 - 2014 Research Associate, Department of Paediatrics, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
2011 - 2013 Research Assistant, Department of Paediatrics, the Chinese University of Hong Kong


2010 Young Investigator's Award 2010. 9th International Congress on Pediatric Pulmonology (CIPP IX), Vienna, Austria.


  • Disease Epidemiology and Genetics
  • Health Promotion
  • Disease Control


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