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Working in fashion in 2016: the exciting reality of a dynamic industry


  • 日期2016年3月24日
  • 時間17:45 to 19:15
  • 地點Lecture Theatre 2 (KT182), THEi Building (KT)




“Working in fashion in 2016: the exciting reality of a dynamic industry”

Ms. Olga Dolapsakis, COO Belber


Date:       24 March 2016 (Thursday)

Time:       17:45 to 19:15

Venue:     Lecture Theatre 2 (KT182), THEi Building (KT)




Working in Fashion has been “in Fashion” for more than a decade and the allure continues to grow. An industry that is attractive not only for its size and potential but for the lifestyle it represents, the values it portrays and the dream it sells (or is it reality?). A form of expression of one’s individuality, a creative outlet, a business opportunity, a powerful economic engine, a dream machine, a curator of arts and crafts, a social thermometer, a key environmental player… there are many facets to this fascinating diamond that has become a widely spoken international language. Understanding what working in the Fashion arena in 2016 really means, what are the opportunities and challenges ahead and the role of Fashion in the current environmental agenda is key to students who decide to embark in this potentially life-changing adventure. Questions and answers will be an important part of this session.




Olga Dolapsakis was once called “a Renaissance pupil” by one of her university professors. With the conviction that, to really understand how something works, you need to absorb the whole picture and not just one part, she never ceases to explore and learn the different angles of the fashion and luxury world, to which she felt a natural inclination since a very young age. Her career in Luxury and Fashion spans more than two decades, giving Dolapsakis a 360d view of how a brand and the industry operates. Her international experience includes global luxury brands (13+ years at LVMH, Loewe, Loro Piana), new brand and business development (Halo accessories), her own fashion and art consulting ventures (Traffic Seven/ Thalassa) and since 2015, the role of COO at Belber (, leading the team in charge of revamping the fascinating 125 year old American trunk maker and leather goods specialist from Philadelphia.


Having occupied key international positions in Retail Buying/Merchandising and Brand Development, Dolapsakis also has solid experience in Product Management & Development, Quality Assurance, Training, International Store Openings and Operations and has a strong entrepreneurial approach to strategy and execution.


Olga Dolapsakis is a graduate of the London School of Economics. 


Working in fashion in 2016: the exciting reality of a dynamic industry