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Sam Leung

Professor Sam C. S. LEUNG
Acting Dean
Faculty of Management and Hospitality

Welcome to the Faculty of Management and Hospitality!


The Programmes in the Faculty provide a holistic learning experience in academic excellence, generic soft skills and communication proficiency, and professional and technical competency.  While aligning with the needs and specialties of the professions and industries, our curricula emphasise learning both in the classroom as well as on the job.   Internship and industry attachment form an integral part of a Work-integrated Learning experience.  All of our programmes have strong industry liaison and support and are unconditionally validated by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, and accredited by their respective Professional Bodies and Associations where appropriate.  Moreover, exchange programmes with overseas universities and educational institutions provide complementary learning experience that broadens students’ horizons and enhances their further personal advancement.


The Faculty offers programmes that encompass diverse disciplines in Culinary Arts, Hotel Operations, Professional Accounting, Public Relations, Retail and Sports Recreation.  Albeit the differences in orientation, our students are all equipped with knowledge and training in business and management such that they are ready to take on managerial duties soon as they are graduated.  To accommodate the evolving needs of our industrial stakeholders, some of our programmes individually offer different number of specialisations.  Sports and Recreation offers Sports Coaching, Sports Therapy and Recreation Management while Culinary Arts offers Chinese and Western Culinary Arts and Culinary Management.  Retail students can opt for Food, Fashion and Beauty Products.


We encourage our students to develop a positive, motivated, enthusiastic and forward looking attitude.  They are expected to participate in extra-curricular activities and to cultivate their awareness of social responsibilities.  We also believe that an international perspective with understanding of different cultures will strongly contribute to students’ development and future career potential.  Upon graduation, students will be not only competent professionals but also effective communicators, good team players and critical thinkers.


The Faculty will continue to strike for excellence in teaching, services and research, with close relationship with all stakeholders.  We aspire to contribute to Hong Kong’s economic and social development via the provision of high quality vocational and professional education training that equips students both academically and personally.  You are welcome to browse through the webpages of our programmes for more information and curriculum details.



Professor Sam C. S. LEUNG

Acting Dean

Faculty of Management and Hospitality