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We have developed an Interactive E-Learning Platform on most science and mathematics subjects, with fascinating elements in each. You can play and learn on the following website:


btn logo  Fun and Games with Science 



PO  Project Objectives      PO  Overview Structure

You are free to register your own account with the following steps:


  1. Choose “Register a new membership”.
  2. Use your “student ID + school_name” as your username.
  3. Choose your own password.
  4. You will have a “Pre-test” before starting this unit.
  5. After reading the contents of the learning unit, you will be asked to do “Post-test”.
  6. Finally, you can download a personal transcript by going to 
    “My-profile”  >  “Test Record”  >  “Print Transcript”.


The Transcript shows your abilities and potential on the subject. You can re-sit modules to upgrade your marks and save your transcript for personal use for study later.

View the transcript sample.