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  • Contract Administration and Measurement
  • New Engineering Contract (NEC)
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Workshop Using Revit
  • Project Management
  • Planning & Scheduling Using Primavera P6


2017 PhD in Construction management, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2013 Master of Engineering in Construction Engineering & Infrastructure Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
2009 Bachelor of Architecture, Mehran UET, Jamshoro, Pakistan


2019 - Present

Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Technology,
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong


  • Certified NEC ECC Professional (Included in Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors Register of Certified NEC ECC Professionals)
  • Registered Architect, Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners
  • Member, International Council of Monuments and Heritage Sites (ICOMOS)-Pakistan Chapter


  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Collaborative Behaviours
  • Construction Safety


Journal Papers


  • Memon, S. A., Rowlinson, S., Sunindijo, R. Y., & Zahoor, H. (2021). Collaborative Behavior in Relational Contracting Projects in Hong Kong - A Contractor’s Perspective, Sustainability, 13(10), 5375.
  • Memon, S. A. & Rowlinson, S. (2019). Exploring Project Teams’ Collaborative Behaviours in Hong Kong’s Relational Contracting Projects. Project Governance and Controls Review, 2(1) 80-91. URL:
  • Zahoor, H., Chan, A.P.C., Utama, W.P., Gao, R., & Memon, S. A. (2016). The Determinants of Safety Climate for Building Projects: A SEM-based Cross-validation Study. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 143(6), 05017005. 
  • Memon, S. A., Hadikusumo, B. H., & Sunindijo, R. Y. (2015). Using Social Interaction Theory to Promote Successful Relational Contracting between Clients and Contractors in Construction. Journal of Management in Engineering, 31(6), 04014095.


Conference Papers


  • Tsang, W.C., Memon, S.A., &Rowlinson, S. (2019). Safety Compliance of the Construction Workers in Hong Kong: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviours using Sociotechnical Systems Approach. In Proceedings of the CIB World Building Congress: Constructing Smart Cities, Hong Kong, SAR, China. URL:
  • Memon, S. A. & Rowlinson, S. M. (2015). An investigation into the attitude and relational behavior in relationship-based procurement (RBP): a conceptual framework. In Engineering Project Organization Conference, EPOC2015 Proceedings, Edinburgh U.K.


Book Chapters & Consultancy Report


  • Memon, S. A., Sumanarathna, N., & Adhikari, A. (…). Improving Students’ Learning Experience Using Simulated Environments. In Applied Degree Education in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, In Hong, C., and Ma, W., (ED.) Applied Degree Education and the Future of Learning, Lecture Notes in Educational Technology (LNET) series, Springer. (Accepted for publication)
  • Agdas, D., Misca, M., Memon, S. A., Rowlinson, S., & Walker, D. (2020). Information Management in the Built Environment. In Walker, D., and Rowlinson, S., (ED) Routledge Handbook of Integrated Project Delivery. URL:
  • Rowlinson, S., Memon, S. A., & Duodu, B. (2018). Is PERI UP a better product for SOV? The use of systematised falsework on MTRC projects. MTRC Hong Kong.


Opinion Piece in News Papers