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Educational Support

THEi Learning Commons - Educational Support


  • Learning Management System - Moodle
  • Learning Management System - Canvas (To access within campus network or via VPN at home)
  • Past Examination Papers (last 3 years)(In THEi Moodle) - 
  • Plagiarism Prevention Platform Turnitin (Embedded inside Moodle / Canvas)
  • Integrated Learning Platform (Learning resources, e-book collection, users' guides, etc.) (To access within campus network or via VPN at home)
  • Multimedia Learning Resources Repositories (Workshop/Webinars online video recording) (To access within campus network or via VPN at home)
  • Media Repositories (Final Year Projects: Essays and Production) (To access within campus network or via VPN at home):
  • 24/7 live chat with world tutors – Studiosity Moodle Course
    #Register ( ) and enroll into Moodle Studiosity course to access to 24/7 live chat with tutors to solve your study problem, or to submit writing assignment for feedback (in 24 hours). A number of disciplines are available: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Study Skills, Library Literacy, Writing Skills.


IT Support Guides



2FA Registration? (Student)


On 5 July 2021, VTC released the Student Two Factor Authentication (2FA). VTC has provided a new security measure "Two Factor Authentication (2FA)" service that requires all THEi students to observe.

Please complete a few steps to register your mobile phone where guidelines are as attached below. Then, you will be authorized to access various campus network services via the “Mobile App (iOS or Android)” when you are at home or away from campus.


How to install and connect to the VPN? (Student)

Installing VTC VPN connection allows you to use VTC campus network services at home or away from campus. 

How to connect campus WiFi for mobile phone (Android)? (Student)


Library Literacy and Education Support for New Students

1. Learning Commons and Library Services2. Searching Resources for Academic Writing3. Introduction to THEi Moodle, Turnitin & Studiosity 24/7 Online Help4. IT Services and VPN