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If you have any job or internship opportunities for THEi students, you can fill in the following online form and we will inform our students of the job openings through our intranet.

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Terms and Conditions

The job posting form is an online career service for employers and students. The contact information of the employers and job information will be used for recruitment purposes and viewed by THEi students or staff ONLY. Strict confidentiality will be observed and NO personal identity will be revealed.

Contact information of employers in the form provided will be used for future communication with the Student Development Office (SDO) of THEi, and may be shared with the appropriate departments/offices within THEi for recruitment of related purposes and external organizations for ranking or evaluation exercises. If you prefer not to connect with the SDO after the arrangement of this request, please notify us at

I accept the Terms and Conditions


  1. The THEi SDO will not be held responsible for any claims or liabilities arising from any dealings between individual job seekers, employment agencies and employers.

  2. The THEi SDO reserves the right to edit and revise contents of the vacancy and to refuse to process or display any job advertisements provided by you at our websites as appropriate.

  3. The THEi SDO reserves the right to take any appropriate action, including but not limited to suspension of the display of all your vacancies for investigation of complaints and other suspected irregularities, and the right to decide whether to resume the display of the vacancies and the provision of recruitment services after the investigation.