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Voices from the Field in Semester 2 AY 2021/22




Three more Voices from the Field seminars were organised this semester under the main theme of networking and relating to others in professional contexts. We had the privilege of hosting the following distinguished speakers and accomplished professionals this time:

Mr James ACEY, Director of Music and Radio, Eaton Hotel, 23 February 2022

Mr Daniel CHUN, Founder and CEO of Art Group Ltd, 21 March 2022

Mr John LEE, Head of Performance, Rewards & Benefits, HK and GBA, Standard Chartered Bank, 21 April 2022

Voices from the Field seminars attract students from across the Institute’s faculties and programmes keen to enhance their professional communication skills. We select speakers with passion for mentoring the next generation of Hong Kong’s workforce. Through their life and career stories, they show how important it is to connect with others, communicate effectively with individuals and teams, and continuously improve communication skills in order to grow in any professional field. They also invite students to share their stories, ask questions, approach for advice and get connected. To view our previous seminars, join our Ms Teams channel here.