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The Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) has achieved a significant milestone in 2022 – our 10th Anniversary!


As the President of THEi since 2017, it has been a privilege to work in tandem with THEi colleagues, to be part of the remarkable journey undertaken by the Institute.  It has been an honour to contribute to and witness how far THEi has come in reaching this major milestone. 


President Photo 2As we commemorate the 10th Anniversary of our founding, I would like to thank our students, industry associations, employers and our multiplicity of local, regional and international community stakeholders in supporting THEi as an innovative and vibrant provider of applied professional learning and workforce development.  I also extend my sincere gratitude to THEi staff, both past and present, for their steadfast and dedicated efforts, support and contributions in every way – in teaching delivery, student support, applied research, scholarly practice and innovation, business and campus operations.  The last two years or so has been very challenging, not only for THEi, but also for the whole of Hong Kong and humanity.  I am both humbled and proud to see the support, encouragement and patience within THEi community at-large, working together and continuing to do its best in the face of adversity.  I am also grateful for the support received from our ‘parent’ the VTC, THEi Board of Governors and our many significant advisors and contributors.  Reaching this milestone has taken team effort – Thank You.


To celebrate THEi’s 10th Anniversary in offering high quality vocational and professional education and impactful applied research through strong industry collaborations and global outreach that produce work-ready and future-ready professionals, a series of events and activities will be held throughout 2022.  Do keep an eye out for the exciting upcoming events in the months ahead.  I look forward to your participation as you join with us, both virtually and in-person, to mark our 10th Anniversary celebrations.  


Once again, Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to THEi!  Together, we shall continue to strive in the years to come, for strong success outcomes and breakthrough innovations in teaching and learning, applied research and scholarship, student development, industry collaboration, global outreach, enterprise services, community engagement, greening and sustainability.


一步一腳印 回顧耕耘成果

昂首向前 邁向下一個十年
Looking back at the steps that we have taken together; Resonating the successes achieved in concerted efforts.

Looking forward to the journey ahead; Charging towards the next 10-year milestone.


Professor Christina HONG


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)



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