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Building Service Engineering (BSE) Programme WIL Launching Ceremony


(English Version Only)


To foster students’ commitment to their internship, Building Service Engineering (BSE) Programme organized a WIL launching ceremony in the evening on 31 May 2018, the day before students started their training. The ceremony was kicked off by Prof PUN Kwok Leung, Head of Department of Construction Technology and Engineering, who also officiated the roasted pork cutting ceremony to celebrate the successful HKIE Provisional Accreditation of BSE Programme. The BSE Programme Leader, Dr Sam HUI, followed with a few words of encouragement and advice to the prospective student interns and presented them with their WIL assignment documents.


The climax of the Ceremony came when the three masters of ceremony who were also the class representatives led all the prospective interns to make their WIL Declaration Statement. The Statement was written to commit the students to honour their assignment, to excel in their work performance and to behave well in their workplace. It was signed by the students and later handed to their respective industry supervisors. Students’ solidarity, determination and performance pledge were further elevated through their three callouts of “Hip-hip-hooray”. The ceremony was wrapped up with  photo-taking and roasted pork sharing.


About 150 summer internship places, mostly for a 12-week period, were successfully solicited from the industry by the BSE programme, for nearly all their three classes of students through their “One-Firm-One-Intern” campaign to the related business associations and professional bodies starting March this year.