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Professional Seminar Enriches Surveying Students’ Understanding to the Productivity and Performance of Social Infrastructure Projects


(English Version Only)


A group of surveying students attended a seminar “Improving the Productivity and Performance of Social Infrastructure Projects” organized by the Chartered Institute of Building (Hong Kong) (CIOB Hong Kong) on 26 April 2018.


The seminar was kicked off by a welcoming remark delivered by Mr. Charles K.F. Mung, the Chair of the CIOB Hong Kong. Dr. Michael C.P. Sing, the speaker, then shared his latest research findings on the productivity and performance of infrastructure projects in Australia. Internationally, the construction and infrastructure sector represents a significant contributor to a nation’s economic wealth and provides a large proportion of total employment for its citizens. Despite its importance, infrastructure projects often experience cost and schedule overruns due to a complex array of issues (e.g. rework) that impinge on productivity and safety. Even with advanced technological breakthroughs such as automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), construction industry professionals worldwide remain confronted with the problem of how to solve the low labour productivity conundrum.


This seminar made use of a number of case studies in Australia and deliver a new vision towards the management of the mega infrastructure projects. The speaker shared his valuable views, his research findings and the ways to improve the productivity and performance of mega infrastructure projects with our students.