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Specialist Talk – “Latest sought-after tech skills for QS: 5D-BIM Cost Management with Public Housing Case Study”




Building Information Modeling (BIM) is essentially a value creating collaboration through the entire life-cycle of an asset. BIM is underpinned by the creation, collation and exchange of shared three-dimensional (3D) models and the intelligent, structured data attached to the framework. The creation of 5D models enables the various industry and professional practitioners of a construction project to visualize the progress of construction activities and its related costs over time. Serving the Hong Kong Housing Authority as a Senior Quantity Surveyor and as a pioneer in adopting 5D-BIM for public housings, Sr Sunny Choi shared his experience and offer students and teachers great insights on the application of 5D-BIM cost management in the construction of On Tai Estate (安泰邨) and Shui Chuen O Estate (水泉澳邨).


The specialist talk was held on 28 October 2019 in THEi.