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  • Combustion
  • Aviation Propulsion Systems
  • Thermodynamics
  • Gas Turbine Design and Performance
  • Engineering Science and Physics 

  • Differential Equations 

  • Engineering Drawing 


2009 PhD in Aerospace Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada
2003 BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Queen’s University, Canada


2019 – Present Faculty of Science and Technology, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
2011 – 2016 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto (UTIAS)
2009 – 2011 Research Associate, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge


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  • Combustion Experiments with Optical Diagnostics 

  • Turbulent Premixed Flame Structure and Dynamics  

  • Gas Turbine Emission and Sampling and Control 

  • Jet Fuel Thermal Stability in Gas Turbine Engines 

  • Accessibility Improvement for Aviation Industry 

  • Automation in Aircraft Maintenance