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Oral Presentation - International Conference: Overcoming Challenges in Active Ageing 2014

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  • Date28 February 2014 - 1 March 2014

International Conference: Overcoming Challenges in Active Ageing 2014
28 February to 1 March 2014

The Technological and Higher Education Institute (THEi) of Hong Kong organized the International Conference entitled Overcoming Challenges in Active Ageing in Mar 2014. The theme of the Conference is “Active Ageing”.

The aim of the Conference is to provide a platform for researchers, health professionals, engineers, IT professionals, product designers and financial consultants to share and exchange their experiences and expertise in the area of elderly care, as well as facilitating active ageing.

The abstract of Oral Presentation is posted as follow:

Session 1: Shirley Fong – Muscular strength is associated with bone strength and body balance in the elderly.

Session 1: Shirley Fong

Session 2: Chris Leung – A correctional study of caring needs assessment on activites of daily living, balance and mobility for older adults with intellectual disabilities. Session 2: Chris Leung
Session 3: Harmania Lo – Effect of “warm-up dance, towel dance and tambourine dance’ on improving the sense of stability in elderly persons Session 3: Harmania Lo
Session 4: YT Liu – Intergeneration solidarity research of three generation family members’ in Taiwan Session 4: YT Liu
Session 5: Ricky Ng – Walk out of the shadows, live life to the fullest: views on independent living for Hong Kong’s senior citizens Session 5: Ricky Ng