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THEi is now progressively transiting all degree programmes' WIL modules from non-credit bearing to credit-bearing.  Hence, there is imperative to comprehensively enhance WIL's operational and academic foci by developing and implementing an institute-wide WIL framework.


A project titled “Formation and Development of a Work Integrated Learning Hub for Diverse Programmes of THEi” has been proposed to develop an institutional WIL framework for THEi, under which a comprehensive, digitalized WIL system will be established, implemented, and evaluated regularly to enhance the quality of the existing WIL activities.


The project is supported by a grant from the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) under the Government’s Self-financing Postsecondary Education Fund (IA03/QESS/2022), with a duration of 30 months (Sep 2022 - Feb 2025) 




  • Develop and implement an institutional WIL framework applicable for all THEi programmes; 

  • Develop and implement a WIL assessment framework that is appropriate for the respective programme disciplines inclusive of C21st employability skills; 

  • Establish an online interactive digital platform as a one-stop-shop resource centre for WIL to enable posting of WIL opportunities, administrative filing and processing of WIL applications, facilitate work-based learning and assessment engagement and record keeping; 

  • Develop and implement a pre-WIL student training programme to equip students with job-seeking skills, employability skills, and to facilitate their participation in WIL; 

  • Develop and implement training programmes for WIL collaborators on the provision of learning opportunities for students and outcome assessment; 

  • Develop and implement a monitoring and support mechanism for students and WIL collaborators during and after WIL; 

  • Build and maintain a central pool of potential WIL collaborators for different programmes of THEi; and 

  • Establish and operationalise a WIL administrative/academic support system with process review and continuous improvement to ensure on-going quality enhancements over time support. 


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ADDRESS: Room S311, 3/F, South Block, 133 Shing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong  

TEL: 3890 8396 



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