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PRIEM Virtual Exchange Programme: Virtual Events in the New Normal!

Student Activity

While COVID-19 brought us many disruptions, it also opened doors within the world of technology. For the first time, our collaboration with Republic Polytechnic, one of the local universities in Singapore, took place virtually for the Exchange Programme. The Virtual Exchange Programme aims to equip students with industry knowledge in International Events Management under the current pandemic. In addition, it works to build a platform for students from both institutes to form long-lasting friendships through networking to extend their horizons.


The programme consists of 3 sessions with a total of 40 students who were selected from both programmes: Integrated Events Management and Public Relations and International Events Management of Republic Polytechnic and THEi, respectively.


The first session kicked off on 10 June, involving lecturers from both institutes who delivered talks on the new normal within events management in both Singapore and Hong Kong. Students met each other virtually for the first time and participated in ice-breaker activities, discussing plans for Session 2. Students could join the events at Hong Kong and Singapore. They also could share their findings and thoughts without the physical boundary in Session 3. 


We look forward to seeing how students will adapt to the new normal of learning.