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Faculty of Design and Environment

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Landscape Architecture

FacultyFaculty of Design and Environment

DepartmentDepartment of Environment

Programme NameBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Landscape Architecture

JUPAS Catalogue No. – For Year 1 Entry Apply NowJSSV03 (Application for subsidised places under the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors via JUPAS)

Programme Code – For Year 3 EntryDS125104 (Application for self-financed places via VTC Web-based Admissions System)

Mode, Year of Study Accepting Entry & Duration of StudyFull-time: 4 Years (Year 1 Entry) / 2 Years (Year 3 Entry)

Medium of InstructionEnglish

Venue(s)Core modules would be conducted at THEi (Chai Wan) and some General Education (GE) modules at other campuses.


Qualifications Framework

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Landscape Architecture is recognised under the QF
QF Level: 5

QR Registration No.: 13/000155/L5

Validity Period: 01/09/2013 to 31/08/2018


Programme Aims

The programme aims to equip students with both technical and professional knowledge and skills in a studio-based curriculum, which addresses landscape planning, landscape design, landscape management and environmental conservation. It is designed to provide the professional insight into the industry, by integrating spatial design expertise of the built environment, and knowledge of natural systems to provide solutions to problems that are both visually appealing and sustainable. The curriculum will emphasise on landscape planning and design, landscape project management, landscape theory and science, environmental conservation, tree management and greening works, blending together the essential intellectual and practical skills that match the industry’s requirements best.

Career Prospects

Landscape Architects are involved in a wide range of works including regional planning or development proposal, infrastructural works, and land development; design for new or enhancement of open space and streetscape, waterfront, and recreational complex; landscape design and landscape planning for real estate developments; landscape and tree management, landscape and visual impact assessment; environmental review and assessment. Graduates have a range of job opportunities from the design oriented to technical or horticultural related roles. They may join landscape architectural practices or landscape unit of multi-disciplinary consultancies as landscape designer or assistant project manager, or field officer in government or contractors” organisation. In line with the policy targets of the Development Bureau, more staffs qualified to supervise landscape or horticultural works on site are anticipated for government contracts to suit the increased amount of greenery in future developments and the aspiration of effective management of landscape works on site.

Professional Recognition

Under the latest amendment of the By-Law of Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects (HKILA), students enrolled in this programme are eligible to be elected as a student member of the HKILA. Apart from taking up job opportunities, graduates may also consider pursuing their professional career by enrolling in a professional degree in landscape architecture either locally or abroad that is accredited by the HKILA. Upon completion of such an accredited degree programme and attaining the prescribed amount of relevant work experience, graduates may enter the professional practice examination set out by the HKILA, the passing of which is a requirement for election as a professional member of the Institute. To be a Registered Landscape Architect under the Landscape Architects Registration Ordinance, one must be a professional member of the HKILA or a landscape architectural body accepted by the Landscape Architects Registration Board.

Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors

This programme is in the Government's Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP). Please click here for more details. Admission to the subsidised places for Year 1 Entry will be through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) while admission to the self-financed places for Year 3 Entry can be made through VTC Web-based Admissions System.

JUPAS Catalogue No.: JSSV03

Entrance Requirements

Entrance Requirements for Year 1:
Level 3 or above in the HKDSE English Language and Chinese Language; AND Level 2 or above in the HKDSE Mathematics, Liberal Studies and one Elective Subject; OR Equivalent.
You may also refer to the General Entrance Requirements for more infromation. 

Remarks :

  1. A "Grade D or E" and a "Grade C or above" in an HKDSE Other Language subject (Category C subjects) are regarded as equivalent to an HKDSE subject at "Level 2" and "Level 3" respectively, and one Other Language subject can be counted for admission purpose.
  2. Starting from the 2018 HKDSE, the reporting of students' performance in ApL subjects would be further refined from the existing two levels of "Attained" and "Attained with Distinction" to "Attained", "Attained with Distinction (I)" and "Attained with Distinction (II)".  Performance of "Attained with Distinction (I)" is comparable to level 3 while "Attained with Distinction (II)" is comparable to level 4 or above of the Category A subjects of the HKDSE.  Details can be found at And a maximum of two ApL subjects can be counted for admission purpose. Relevant ApL subjects include: Image Design, Interior Design, Environmental Engineering, Building Technology.
  3. Applicants may be required to attend an interview with an original work portfolio.


Entrance Requirements for Year 3:
Higher Diploma OR equivalent qualifications in a relevant area of study.

  1. Additional core modules are required (with fee charged) for sub-degree graduates according to the educational background of individuals.
  2. All applicants are screened and selected by an Admission and Interview Panel. All interviews are conducted in English.
  3. For enquiry please contact Faculty of Design and Environment (Telephone No: 3959 7323).

Tuition Fee

  • The tuition fees are charged according to the number of credit points taken during a semester.
  • The tuition fee for academic year 2017/18 is $2,700 per credit point. Tuition fees are subject to annual reviews.