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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nutrition and Healthcare Management

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Nutrition and Healthcare Management


Student Oversea Activities
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Students joined a study tour to Taiwan and visited local universities and health food production factories to know more about nutrition and health in Taiwanese culture. (AY16/17)   Students visited the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also visited a museum about the dairy product industry and museums in the Shanghai study tour. (AY 17/18)
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Students took part in a summer school organized by The University of British Columbia to learn how to prepare some herbal nutraceuticals to treat or ease some diseases. (AY 17/18)   Students joined the summer course of Manchester Metropolitan University in a study tour to Manchester and learn about psychological health and nutrition.     (AY 18/19)
Students participated in an academic exchange activity in Shenzhen. It was a good chance for students to understand the healthcare approach used in China to counteract the challenges resulting from the ageing population increase.  ​    


Communication with Professionals & Industry
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Students as visitors and observe the developed device for medical and health care in Hong Kong Trade Development Council Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair 2019   Student as a model to try the novel wheelchair which is designed for going up and down stairs in a safe way.
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Students shared their experience through the "Programme webinar" in 2020   Students joined the guest lecture by Dr M.S. Wong of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, PolyU, to know more about prosthetics and orthotics
Students attended a guest sharing by Dr. Idorenyin IWE, to understand more about the aim of the EWB Global Citizenship Programme, and how healthcare applies to a global issue.    


Health Promotion and Activities

Promotion of Dietary and Cognitive Health in Dementia Prevention to Elderly Community -  A Pilot Project

  Students as an assistant and promote Cognitive Health through some board games in the elderly community.
Students help and organized "WeCareAboutYou" activities to promote mental health to fellow students and introduce effective ways to deal with negative emotion  

Students as an assistant promote the importance of muscle and exercise through hand-muscle dance.

(Community Project - Elderly Muscle Dance)


Students assist to demonstrate how to cook a healthy meal to the elderly community and introduce the nutritional value of this meal to them.

(Community Project - Diet Making)


Students prepare a recipe and assist to demonstrate some easy muscle exercises for the prevention of Sarcopenia to the elderly community.

(Community Project - Prevention of Sarcopenia )


Students organized " Community Information Day" and share useful information about healthcare with the residents of Tuen Mun in Tuen Mun DHC

(Community Project - Community Information Day 2011)