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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Culinary Arts and Management (New structure)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Culinary Arts and Management

Programme Structure

This is a credit-based programme, which students will normally complete over 4 years (in 8 semesters). Students are required to take 132 credit points with modules shown below and an Industrial Attachment module for work-integrated learning. To encourage lifelong learning in general, and to provide students with greater flexibility, the programme will be offered through a credit-based module accumulation system with a multi-entry and multi-exit structure.


 Year 1  Year 2
  • General Education Core Module: Chinese 1
  • General Education Core Module: English for Academic Studies 1
  • General Education Core Module: Creativity & Innovation in Society
  • Science Fundamentals for Catering
  • Business Management Fundamentals
  • Food Cost Control & Yield Management
  • Food Nutrition for the Culinary Arts
  • Cuisine Culture
  • Western Culinary Fundamentals
  • Chinese Culinary Fundamentals
  • General Education Core Module: Technology, Society & Work
  • General Education Core Module: Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • General Education Elective Module 1
  • General Education Elective Module 2
  • Regional Chinese Culinary Arts
  • Western Culinary Arts
  • Accounting for Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Food Production Operations
  • Wine, Spirits & Food Affinities
  • Food Hygiene & Sanitation


 Year 3  Year 4
  • General Education Core Module: Chinese 2
  • General Education Core Module: English for Academic Studies 2
  • General Education Core Module: English for Professional Purposes
  • Kitchen Operations Management
  • Catering Events Management
  • Gastronomy
  • Menu Development & Food Styling
  • Dining Experience & the Senses
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research Methods & Data Analysis
  • Work-integrated Learning
  • Recipe Development
  • General Education Elective Module 3
  • General Education Elective Module 4
  • Programme Elective 1
  • Final Year Project (Part 1)
  • Final Year Project (Part 2)
  • Food Supply Chain Management
  • Trends & Innovations in Culinary Arts
  • Quality Evaluation of Foods & Beverages
  • Business Ethics & Law
  • Mass Catering Food Production 


Programme Elective Modules*

  • Advanced Baking and Pastry
  • Bar & Beverage Management
  • Branding for Dining
  • Chinese Feasts Operation & Management
  • Guangdong Dim Sum Culinary Skills & Culture
  • Hotel, Resort & Destination Project Management
  • Organisational Behaviour & Leadership
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Staff Training & Development


* Modules offerings are subjected to changes. 

(i) Students are also required to complete the Work-integrated Learning module before a Bachelor Degree is awarded.
(ii) Students maybe required to attend additional training and industrial attachements, for which seperate fees will be charges. Additional core module(s) may be required prior to commecement or during Year 3 study for Year 3 entry.