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Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions / Sectors (SSSDP)

Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP) for Academic Year 2019/20

Vacant Subsidised Places -  Local non-JUPAS Applicants (10% Unfilled Intake Places)


Deadline for application: 26 August 2019, 5:00 p.m.


The intake places of programmes under the SSSDP are mainly allocated through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS).  Should there be unfilled intake places after all admission rounds of JUPAS, the SSSDP participating institution will admit local non-JUPAS applicantsNote via direct admission of no more than 10% of the subsidised places of each selected programme.


Applications are now invited for admission to the following full-time Degree Programmes offered under the SSSDP:


JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme Title Remaining Quota
JSSV01 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design 6
JSSV02 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Product Design 6
JSSV03 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Landscape Architecture 4
JSSV04 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Culinary Arts and Management 6
JSSV05 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering 9
JSSV06 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Environmental Engineering and Management 6
JSSV07 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Horticulture and Landscape Management 6
JSSV08 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Surveying 6
JSSV09 Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports and Recreation Management 4
JSSV10 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Building Services Engineering 6
JSSV11 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Multimedia Technology and Innovation 3
JSSV12 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information and Communications Technology 6


Interested local non-JUPAS applicants* please submit your application via the VTC Web-based Admissions System on or before 26 August 2019 (5:00 p.m.).  Late application will not be accepted.


For enquiries, please contact the Registry via the hotline at 3890 8000 / 2176 1456 and / or email at



  1. Applicants applied for 2019 JUPAS are NOT eligible to apply for the bachelor's degree programme (Year 1 Entry) under the SSSDP through Direct Admission – Local non-JUPAS Applicants (10% Unfilled Intake Places).
  2. Applicants with HKDSE Examination results only MUST apply via JUPAS.

  3. Only local students are eligible for subsidy under SSSDP.

  4. For details of the above, applicants should refer to the JUPAS Website -