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Centre for Sustainable Design and Environment



  Sustainable Innovation & Development Lab (SIDL)


Laser Cutting System


SIDL Laser Cutting System

Brand: Universal Laser Systems


Model: iLS 12.75


Application: Laser cutting/engraving


Status: Available 




Body Scanning Systems  -  I


SIDL Body Scanning Systems  - 1

Brand: Styku


Model: 150FH


Application: 3D body scanner with automatic measurement


Status: Available 




Body Scanning Systems  -  II


SIDL Body Scanning Systems  - 2

Brand: Artec 3D


Model: EVA


Application: Precise handheld 3D scanner


Status: Available 




Motion Capturing Systems


SIDL Motion Cap

Brand: Noraxon


Model: myomotion


Application: Measurement of human motion


Status: Available 



Multi-material 3D printer


SIDL multi-material 3D printer

Brand: Stratasys


Model: Objet 350 Connex 3


Application: 3D Printer with adjustable materials properties


Status: Available 


Digital Cutting System


SIDL Motion Cap

Brand: Zund


Model: G3 M-2500


Application: High speed and precise routing for wood and plastic


Status: Available 






  Sustainable Living and Environment Lab (SLEL)





Arboriculture System: Resistograph



Brand: IML


Model: Resistograph IML PD-1000


Application: The Resistograph (IML PD-1000) is an efficient urban forestry research tool to monitor and assess wood density for measuring tree health conditions.


Status: Available 



Arboriculture System: Tree Pulling System


SLEL_ Tree Pulling System

Brand: Argus-electronic gmbh


Model: Tree Pulling System TreeQinetic


Application: The Tree Pulling System (TreeQinetic) reliably assesses the stablility of tree roots and trunks for conducting tree risk evaluations.


Status: Available 



Digital Maps, Spatial Data & Satellite Images


SLEL - Digital Maps

Brand: HKSAR Government Lands Department



  • iB1000
  • iB5000
  • iB10000
  • iB20000
  • WorldView-2
  • Deimos-2 + Pleiades


Application: These digital maps with spatial data and satellite images of Hong Kong are the essential geographical information science resources to conduct and visualize spatial analyses in a wide range of geographical and environmental research topics.


Status: Available 



Field survey software and hardware sets for tree inventory


SLEL - Field survey software

Brand: Field-Map


Model: Field-Map Bundle Rhino


Application: The Field Map Bundle Rhino consists of the tree data collector and GPS data processor which is best applicable to woodland and forestry planning and management.


Status: Available 




Drone - I



Brand: DJI


Model: Inbspire 2


Application: The Drone (DJI Inspire 2) can provide good quality of aerial photos and video for researching in natural nad built environments. 




Drone - II


SLEL - Parrot

Brand: Parrot


Model: Bebop Pro 3D modeling


Application: The Drone (Parrot Bebop Pro 3D Modelling) is exceptionally capable drone in both capturing aerial photos and videos for building 3D modeling.


Status: Available 




Laser Rangefinder


SLEL - Laser Rangefinder

Brand: Laser Tech



  • TruPulse 200L
  • TruPulse 200M


Application: The Laser Rangefinder (TruPulse 200L and TruPulse 200B) utilizes the laser beam to measure the distance to an object in outdoor field surveys. These tools are a helpful tool for measuring the slope distance and inclination that can enhance researchers and surveyors in building inspections, field surveys, dimension checking and layout planning etc.


Status: Available 




Handheld GPS Device - I
SLEL - Handheld GPS device - Garmin Montana 680t_D

Brand: Germin



  • Montana 680t


Application: The Garmin Montana 680t is portable handheld device with GPS and camera functions for collecting geographical informaiton from outdoor  surveys.



Status: Available 


Handheld GPS Device - II


SLEL - Satellite image processing

Brand: Germin


Model: GPSMAP276x


Application: The Garmin GPSMAP276x is a user-friendly hand-held device equipped with Wi-Fi and bluetooth features for conveniently obtaining and transferring useful geographical data from otudoor research environment.


Status: Available