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Dr CHANG Chen, Michelle

Honorary Professor

Dr CHANG Chen, Michelle

Dr. Michelle Chang, the founder of Chinese Essence Medical Group, became interested in Chinese medicine at a young age when her mentor gave her significant inspiration. As she pursued her interest in Chinese medicine, Dr. Chang enrolled in a part-time course offered by the Department of Extra-Mural Studies at The University of Hong Kong. She went on to obtain her Bachelor of Chinese Medicine from The University of Hong Kong. Dr. Chang then earned a Master of Science degree in Chinese Medicines and Herbal Drugs, as well as a PhD in Chinese Medicine, both from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 1999, inspired by the Hong Kong SAR government's initiative to establish Hong Kong as a global hub for Chinese medicine, Dr. Chang further embarked on her career in the field. She founded Chinese Essence Medical (德善堂中醫) in 2000 and further grew her business by establishing Chinese Essence Health Management (德善健康管理), Chinese Essence Hair Care (德善健髮), and Tak Yue Medicine (德譽製藥) into Chinese Essence Medical Group (德善醫療集團), focusing on offering comprehensive integrated Chinese and Western medicine services. The Group is now one of the biggest private Chinese medicine companies in Hong Kong. For her dedications to the Chinese medicine sector, Dr. Chang has received numerous accolades including the Greater Bay Area Outstanding Young Female Entrepreneur Award and the 3rd Golden Bauhinia Women Entrepreneur Award.


Dr. Chang once said, “The most valuable moment as a doctor is helping patients.” Even as her responsibilities have grown as a female entrepreneur, she insists on performing front-line medical practice and teaching apprentices.


Dr. Chang is pioneering the modernization and technicalization of Chinese medicine sectors recently through collaborating with research institutes on AI diagnostics. In addition to establishing the system of “precision Chinese medicine practices”, Dr. Chang is dedicated to integration of Chinese and Western medicine.