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Department of Construction Technology and Engineering

Academic Staff


  • Environment, Development & Sustainability
  • Materials Science & Recycling Technology
  • Engineering Statistics
  • Carbon & Energy Management


  • PhD in Chemistry, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • MSc in Process Technology & Management, University of Strathclyde, UK
  • BSc in Chemistry, Chinese University of Hong Kong


2016 - Present Faculty of Science and Technology, the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
2010 - 2015 Research & Development Associate at Eco Environmental Energy Research Institute (Hong Kong Towngas)
2006 - 2010 Research Chemist at Kanata Chemical Technologies Inc, Toronto, Canada
2006 Visiting Fellow at National Research Council Canada – Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology, Ottawa, Canada
2001 - 2005 Postdoctoral Fellow at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


  • CEng MIChemE - Chartered Chemical Engineer, Institution of Chemical Engineers, UK
  • P.Eng (UK) & Fellow Member - Society of Professional Engineers, UK
  • CEM® Certified Energy Manager - Senior Member of Association of Energy Engineer, US
  • CAP - Carbon Auditor Professional - Association of Energy Engineer, US
  • CChem, CSci, CEnv, MRSC - Chartered Chemist, Chartered Scientist, Chartered Environmentalist & Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
  • PMP - Project Management Professional at Project Management Institute, US
  • CBAP - Certified Business Analysis Professional at International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada
  • MEI – Member of the Energy Institute, UK
  • MSEE – Member of the Society of Environmental Engineers, UK


  • Hydrogenation catalyst for preparation of alkanes from bio-oil, China Patent No.: CN 104722329, Application No.: CN 2015-10102771 (2015)
  • Non-sulfide catalyst and application in biological oil hydrogenation upgrading thereof, China Patent No.: CN 105749927, Application No.: CN2014-10806281 (2014)
  • Cationic palladium complexes comprising diamino carbene ligands and their use in catalysis, US Patent 20130053566; CA Patent 2796447; WO 2011127579 (2012)
  • Catalytic combustion catalyst containing composite oxide Ce1-x-yZrxPdyOd and preparation method thereof, China Patent No.: CN 103861585, Application No.: CN 2012-10533464 (2012)
  • Method for the production of hydrogen from the dehydrocoupling of ammonia borane, US Patent 9115249 (2015); US Patent 20110104046; CA 2757028; WO 2009137932 (2011)
  • Method for preparing a metal catalyst, US Patent 8716508 (2014); US Patent 20120046479; CA 2740500; WO 2010043027 (2011)
  • Preparation of cationic transition metal catalysts and their use as hydrogenation catalysts, AU 2014221245 (2014); US Patent 20100311975; WO 2009055912; CA 2703671; EP 2215101; IL 205346; IN 2010DN03599 (2010)
  • The generation of hydrogen from ammonia borane through catalytic hydrolysis, United States Patent 8518368 (2013); US 20110070152; WO 2008141439: AU 2008253561; CA 2687536; KR 1555070; EP 2158154; CN 101730656;  JP 5467998: IL 202140: TW I462875: BR 2008012362; EA 23749; IN 2009DN08245 (2010)
  • Polymerization of phosphaalkenes, US Patent US7728091(2010); WO 2004055098; CA 2508979; AU 2003292925 (2004)


  • Environmental & Recycling Technologies
  • Renewable Biomass Energy
  • Greenhouse Gas: Mitigation & Prevention
  • New Nano-Materials for Energy Applications
  • Downstream Petrochemical Process Intensification


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