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THEi Graduation Ceremony 2023

Graduation Fee

  • Graduands who will attend the Ceremony in person are required to pay a graduation fee of $400.  The full amount or the balance of the caution money paid during your first registration with THEi will be used to off-set this graduation fee.  Where the balance is insufficient to off-set the entire $400, the Graduand will be contacted individually and required to pay the difference before admission tickets for the Ceremony will be issued. 


  • The fee is also chargeable to part-time Graduands who wish to attend the Graduation Ceremony in person.


  • Since the Ceremony will be held in a hybrid mode with online broadcasting to all Graduands and their guests, no refund will be made to Graduands who choose not to attend the Ceremony in person. 


  • Graduation fee paid will not be refunded even if Graduands subsequently do not attend the Ceremony.



  • Enquiries concerning the graduation fee should be directed to the Registry (Tel.: 3890 8000) or the Finance Office (Tel.: 3890 8041).