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Researcher's Corner

THEi Research Equipment Registry
Equipment Shared-use

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Welcome to THEi's centralized research equipment registry. 


The registry is set up to help categorize the equipment resources and promote shared-use of resouces among full-time academic staff and students.  After the completion of a research project, the equipment will become available for loan. 


Full-time academic staff and students are welcome to browse through the equipment list.  See the full equipment registry list, Guideline and Terms and Conditions on the next page.


Below are some featured equipment.


Equipment Registry List, Guideline and T&Cs >>

Featured Equipment

Categories (click to see details):



The borrower/user should contact the equipment contact person for the availability status of the equipment. Equipment may be subject to a usage charge, and some specialized equipment may require the borrower/user to undergo training before use.​



Please contact the Research Office at 3890 8091 or email