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Researcher's Corner

Research Safety


THEi strives to provide a safe environment for research to take place.  The Safety, Health and Environment Committee (SHEC) provides consultation on occupational health and safety matters for faculties and operational units of THEi, including the safety of research activities occurring in the laboratories on THEi premises. It is crucial that such activities are carried out in accordance with the laboratory’s standard operational procedures and practice codes, and in compliance with THEi’s safety and health policies.



Who should apply to SHEC for research safety clearance?


THEi researchers whose research projects involve the use of biological and/or chemical materials should apply to SHEC for research safety clearance.



When to apply?


Biological and/or chemical safety clearance should be obtained from SHEC before the commencement of any laboratory work related to a project.  The project's principal investigator is strongly recommended to make the clearance application at the project's planning stage.  At least 4 to 6 weeks should be allowed for processing the application.



How to apply?


Please click "Go" to read the "Guidelines on Obtaining Biological / Chemical Safety Clearance for Research Projects"  and download the application documents for completion (login required).







Pease contact Dr Jenny Cheung at 3890 8091 or email


December 2022