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Student Applied Research Presentations 2023

Department of Food and Health Sciences Posters


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P50 Acceptance of Food Made of Vegetable By-products


V50 Video Presentation




P51 Developing Plant-based, Gluten-free Rice Bagel




P52 Students’ Knowledge of Primary Healthcare Services


V52 Video Presentation


Mr FUNG Ka Yin

Food Science and Safety

Miss HO Yuen Wah Daphne

Food Science and Safety

Miss CHAN Cheuk Chi

Health Care





P53 The Effect of Jumping Jacks on Bone Density




P54 Stress Relief for Students Through Papercut Art


V54 Video Presentations




P55 The Healing Properties of Self-healing Concrete


Miss CHENG Man Man

Nutrition and Healthcare Management

Miss WONG Po Chu

Nutrition and Healthcare Management



Miss CHAN Hiu Tung Christy

Testing and Certification

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