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Applied Research Impact Case 6

Injury Prevention Program for Horse Racing Trainees

Dr Peggy Choi, Faculty of Management and Hospitality



Peggy 3

 THEi Sports Therapy students and HKJC horse racing trainees



Horse racing trainees working for The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) are susceptible to chronic shoulder injuries due to repetitive overhead shoulder movements. Previous research suggested that common chronic injuries of horse racing riders include painful shoulder movement (shoulder impingement), shoulder injury (rotator cuff tendonitis), and shoulder instability. Therefore, the HKJC looked for an effective shoulder injury prevention program for the horse racing trainees to enhance their job safety and performance.



Sports Therapy student assessing a HKJC horse racing trainee in the collaborative study

THEi Sports and Recreation Management programme collaborated with the HKJC to carry out a study on the reduction of shoulder injuries. A group of students specializing in Sport Therapy were supervised by their teacher, Mr Anthony Bosson to investigate the effectiveness of a six-week injury prevention programme. It aimed to reduce chronic shoulder injuries among the HKJC horse racing trainees in Guangdong China. The participants of the programme had to attend two sessions of 60-90 minutes training per week for 6 weeks. The training consisted of 16 exercises and it included pre- and post-tests on flexibility, abdomen and waist (core) endurance, muscle endurance, and a shoulder pain and disability index.



HKJC horse racing trainees and THEi students working together to prevent injuries


The training program was effective in strengthening the trunk (core muscles) of the horse racing trainees. The exercise also helped the riders reduce the potential risk of shoulder injuries from daily work routine. Feedback from the HKJC was positive and the program was recommended for inclusion into the daily training of the horse racing trainees in Guangdong. The HKJC has also extended the training to the horse racing trainees in Hong Kong.