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Faculty of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Food Science and Safety

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Food Science and Safety

FacultyFaculty of Science and Technology

DepartmentDepartment of Food and Health Sciences

Programme NameBachelor of Science (Honours) in Food Science and Safety

Programme CodeST125202 (Application via VTC Web-based Admissions System)

Mode, Year of Study Accepting Entry & Duration of StudyFull-time: 4 Years (Year 1 Entry) / 2 Years (Year 3 Entry)

Medium of InstructionEnglish

Venue(s)Programme core modules conducted at Tsing Yi campus and some General Education (GE) elective modules on other campuses


Qualifications Framework

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Food Science and Safety is recognised under the QF
QF Level: 5

QR Registration No.: 15/000745/L5

Registration Validity Period: 01/09/2015 to 31/08/2020

Programme Aims

The Programme aims to equip graduates with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in food science and safety, including food chemistry, nutritional science, food microbiology, food sensory and evaluation, food engineering and quality control and food safety management. A broad spectrum of these modules are designed to well facilitate students competency to perform effectively in the food, nutrition and catering industries as well as to solve the technical problematic issues related to the field of food science and safety. It will also provide students with generic management skills, work integrated learning either in local or overseas food and related industries for strengthening their employability in the competitive community.

Career Prospects

Graduates can pursue career in the government departments or food and nutrition-related trade businesses. Careers include food development research, quality assurance and testing, food law enforcement and global food chain supply and tracing. They can accumulate experience and be promoted to management, such as food processing plant managers, hygiene managers of International chain hotels, and other managerial positions.

Professional Recognition

The programme is accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) and is recognised by the Qualifications Framework (QF). This programme has been also approved by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) of the Hong Kong Government. Successful completion of this course graduates, their qualification have been covered and exempted from the examination to obtain the registration of the Hygiene Manager under the scheme of Hygiene Manager and Hygiene Supervisor, FEHD. Graduates are entitled to apply for membership of the Hong Kong Food Professional Association, Hong Kong Food Hygiene Administrators Association, International Food Safety Association, Hong Kong Food Science and Technology and Institute of Food Technologists, USA. They may also apply for the Certified Testing Professional (Food Testing) under the Professional Certification Scheme for Testing Personnel, administered by the Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification (HKTIC).

Entrance Requirements

Entrance Requirements for Year 1:
Please refer to the General Entrance Requirements for details 


Programme-specific Requirements :
1. For HKDSE, a maximum of two Applied Learning (ApL) subjects can be counted for admission purpose.  Relevant ApL subjects include: Food and Beverage Operations, Western Cuisine.
2. Applicants may be required to attend an interview with an original work portfolio.


Entrance Requirements for Year 3:

Higher Diploma OR equivalent sub-degree qualifications/studies in a relevant area of study.

  1. Additional core modules are required (with fee charged) for sub-degree graduates according to the educational background of individuals.
  2. All applicants are screened and selected by an Admission and Interview Panel. All interviews are conducted in English.
  3. For enquiry please contact Faculty of Science and Technology (Telephone No: 2176 1505 / 2176 1470). 

Tuition Fee

  • The tuition fees are charged according to the number of credit points taken during a semester.
  • The tuition fee for academic year 2020/21 is $3,035 per credit point for Year-1 entry and $3,035 per credit point for Year-3 entry. Tuition fees are subject to annual reviews.