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Centre for Sustainable Design and Environment

About Us


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Centre for Sustainable Design and Environment



Supported by the Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) of Research Grants Council (RGC), Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project NO.: UGC/IDS25/16) in 2016, the Centre for Sustainable Design and Environment (the Centre) was setup to support THEi’s five-year strategic research theme “Sustainable Living” by formulate solutions to improve the environment.


The Centre was a multi-disciplinary team of academics and professionals who have developed an international reputation for excellence in the fields of sustainability and environmental research. The Team had track records of successful research grant applications, presentations at international conferences, and published articles in peer-reviewed journals. The team focused on R&D works on innovative & sustainable design and eco-landscaping by working with industrial partners.


The Centre was equipped with cutting-edge equipment which were led by research experts from the Faculty of Design and Environment.


The Centre operated from 2017 to 2020.


In the Centre, there are two laboratories and one education unit:


1. The Sustainable Innovation and Development Lab (SIDL)

  • SIDL focuses on the research of sustainable innovation in fashion and product design.


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2. The Sustainable Living and Environment Lab (SLEL)

  • SLEL focuses on the research of sustainable urban greening, landscape and neighborhood.


researchers are examining trees on a slope


3. The Design and Environment Education Unit (DEEU)

  • DEEU will be a formal physical platform for knowledge exchange, training and education in green and sustainable living for the general public and different stakeholders.


exhibition of funiture made of recycled materials