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THEi Research Equipment Registry
Equipment Shared-use

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Who can borrow?

All THEi full-time academic staff are welcome to borrow the equipment available in the registry and be the "borrower/user". Students who will be conducting their Final Year Projects are also welcome to use the equipment for their research, subject to availablity. 


Where Can I Find the Full Equipment Registry list?

The equipment list is available here.


Priority of Use

  1. The equipment is devoted to use in the entire research period of the first project which initiated the purchase. The equipment is placed under the custody of the principal investigator of the first project, referred to as “Custodian PI”.

  2. Upon completion of the first project, the equipment will become available for loan in the following order of priority:

    i)        Externally funded research projects

    ii)       THEi Seed Grant projects

    iii)      Other research-related activities

    iv)      Temporary teaching purpose

    v)       Final year student research projects


Categories of Equipment Available for Shared-use

  1. The equipment in the registry for shared-use is divided into categories “O”, “S” and “L”:

    • Category “O”– office equipment such as desktop computers, notebook computers, portable hard disks, personal electronic devices, audio-visual equipment, general statistical software, and other common office equipment.
    • Category “S”– specialized equipment for which special knowledge and training are required to operate the equipment.
    • Category “L”– specialized software with life-time license of use.
  2. After the completion of the first project, category “O” equipment will be returned to the Research Office. Categories “S” and “L” will be put under the custody of the Custodian PIs.


Terms and Conditions

  • The borrower/user should contact the Research Office (RO) (or the equipment contact person for specialized equipment) to borrow/use equipment from the equipment registry.
  • Borrowers/users shoud complete and submit a Loan and Return Form to the RO. Upon receiving the request, the borrower/user will be contacted to collect/use the equipment.  During the loan period, the equipment is under the custody of the borrower/user and they will be accountable for any damages to the equipment. 
  • At the end of the loan period, the borrower should return the equipment together with the Loan and Return Form to the RO; users should also return the Loan and Return Form to the RO when finished using the equipment. 
  • Specialized equipment may be subject to a "borrowing fee".
  • Specialized equipment may require the borrower/user to undergo training before use.



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Please contact the Research Office at 3890 8091 or email