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IT Services

   Printing Services


Charging Rate of Printing Quota

A4 B/W:

  1 credit of free print quota 

A4 Color:

  7 credits of free print quota

A3 B/W: 

  2 credits of free print quota

A3 Color: 14 credits of free print quota 

* 700 free printing credits per year for students; 

* $30 per ticket for additional quota (equivalent to 100 pages of A4 B/W Printing)

* Unused print quota will be carried forward to the next Academic Year


Charging Rate of Octopus Printing

A4 B/W:

$0.3 per page                          

A4 Color:

$2.0 per page

A3 B/W: 

$0.6 per page

A3 Color: $4.0 per page