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電子徽章計劃 – 徽章說明

Legend of Badges

The respective 6 Digital Badges should be awarded based on the nature and the intended learning outcomes of the activity. As the abbreviations of the digital badges represented by attributes may appear in the Non-Academic Transcript (NAT) or Records of Achievement page on the THEi website. The Legend of Badges lists the Digital Badges, their abbreviations, and the descriptions. Students may download or print as a reference for future employment and further study.




Informed and professionally competent (IPC) represents activities that enabled participants to learn professional knowledge and skills required in an industrial setting.


Independent learners (IDL) represent activities that required participants to take initiative in gaining knowledge and skills in enhancing academic and personal development.


Problem-solvers (PS) represent activities that equipped participants with critical and analytical thinking skills that lead to solving existing problems.


Effective communicators (EC) represent activities that required participants to demonstrate a high level of communication skills as effective communicators through various communication channels.


Professionally, socially and globally responsible (PSG) represents activities that enabled participants to learn about the pressing issues and ethical codes in the industry with social, economic, global implications.


Positive and flexible (PF) represents activities that enabled participants to develop a positive mindset, show empathy towards others as well as be adaptive in coping with the new challenge.