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Learning Commons

Facilities & Services

TEMI - The Personal Robot at LC

Learning Commons has acquired a new TEMI - Personal Robot and the Robot will be in service in September 2020.


About: Temi's human-robot

Interaction and autonomous navigation

Super intuitive operating system that comes, hears, speaks, sees and understands you, and is always learning how to serve you better. A premium designed, video-oriented, autonomous personal AI assistant robot. Temi can recognise and follow when requested, save preset locations, and navigate flawlessly around Learning Commons while connecting students and favourite web services.


Side viewFront viewTemi poster

Learning Resources at LC - VR Learning Corner

LC setup the AR / VR Learning Corner to provide students with a rich learning environment.

Learning Commons has been purchasing brand new VR / AR devices, the HTC Vive collection. The HTC Vive provides virtual reality headsets that use "room scale" tracking technology to allow the user to travel in 3D space and to use handheld controllers with motion tracking to interact with the world.


  • Vive Focus: There are two stand-alone All-in-one headsets and controllers, Vive Focus, where students can borrow at the Circulation Counter and use at anywhere within the LC.
  • Vive Cosmos: There are two other top-class VR+AR headsets and adapters, Vive Cosmos, linked to the VR / AR Learning Corner 's powerful PCs.


The equipment starts with some limited educational VR applications where there will be more applications installed by stage.


Vive Focus Plus (Standalone) All-in-one VR headset and controllers

Vive Cosmos  VR headset and wireless adapters

Vive Cosmos VR headset and wireless adapters

Learning Resources at LC - MakerSpace

LC has set up a new MakerSpace on the Learning Commons campus at Chai Wan. MakerSpace’s goal is to provide learners with a collaborative space to discuss, share, innovate and create. Some of the tools are listed out below. You can ask for more at the Circulation Counter.


Hand tools and stationery

  • Plastic hammer / Hammer with plastic cap
  • Pliers (pointed/wire)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Covered rulers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tweezers
  • C-clamps
  • Soft tape measure
  • Retractable ruler
  • Safety Scissors
  • Colored markers
  • Sand paper


Electrical tools

  • Desktop drilling machines (jigsaw, drill, polisher)
  • 3-D printers
  • Large size plotters
  • Electrical screwdriver


One Button Studio Opening Ceremony

Inspired by the concept of One Button Studio by Penn State U, LC installed one at CW campus. Students can practice and rehearsal presentation with simple steps, for well-equipped sound, light and video facilities at the One Button Studio. Together with the Multimedia Archive Repository developed and maintained by LC, students can make video recording and upload and share with other peer learners to form a learning community.




Support Online Teaching – Ring Light Selfie Stick Tripod 

  • Come to LC circulation counter to borrow one to support your online teaching class using MS Teams (One-day loan) 























Learning Resources at LC - 3.5mm 5 Way Jack Multi Headphone Earphone Splitter 

  • Come to LC circulation counter to borrow one to support your Learning for Sharing Audio. Share audio with up to five people at a time with the 5-Way 3.5mm AUX Splitter. You can take the headphone splitter anywhere you want (One-day loan)

3.5mm 5 Way Jack Multi Headphone Earphone Splitter


Facilities/ Equipment Location Remarks

Black & White photocopying / printing

(charged by Octopus card)

(Support wifi printing with mobile devices, Android & iOS)

G/F & 1/F A4 $0.3
A3 $0.6
Colour photocopying / printing 
(charged by Octopus card)
G/F & 1/F A4 $2
A3 $4
Black & White printing 
(charged by print quota)
G/F & 1/F A4 1 quota/ per page
A3 2 quota/ per page
Colour printing 
(charged by print quota)
G/F & 1/F A4 7 quota/ per page
A3 14 quota/ per page
3D Printing G/F HK$1/gram
Plotter G/F

With existing paper:

A0 or 36" wide $50

A0 Photo paper (36" wide) $100

A1 or 24" wide $25

A1 Photo paper (36" wide) $50

A2 $12.5

PC workstations (with dual screen) 1/F  
Notebook Computers 1/F Same day loan
iPads 1/F Same day loan
Tablets 1/F Same day loan
MacBook Air 1/F Same day loan
HDMI to Lighting  Adapter  1/F Same day loan
Wireless LAN Covers all areas inside Campus -
New Books Display 1/F -
Binding Service 1/F -
Group Study Rooms G/F & 1/F Reserved  online
Projectors and projection screen 1/F Reserved and Max loan 7 day
Whiteboard Pens and erasers 1/F Same day loan
Book Drop 1/F# -

* Available for loan at the Circulation Counter
# For non-overdue printed materials only


Study Room Online Booking

  • THEi students can reserve any one of the four group discussion rooms at Learning Commons (CW).
  • THEi students can also reserve any one of the four group discussion rooms at IVE(TY) LRC.
  • Other IVE LRC will only serve to correspond IVE campus students for group discussion rooms booking and use.


  • Book Borrowing & Returning: Self-Check Unit, Library Book Drop, Self-renewal on Library Materials
  • Reciprocal Borrowing Among IVE and Other Libraries: Walk-In Loan Service, Reservation of Library Collections and Inter-Campus Loans among IVE LRCs (ICL), Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL)
  • Reference Service: Information Enquiry, User Guides On Electronic Database, Subject Guides to Free Internet Resources
  • Library Book Recommendation
  • New Book Display
  • Journals
  • Notebook Computers, iPads, Tablets, Mac Books, MacBook Pro
  • Group Study Rooms
  • Alumni Services
  • Binding Service
  • Printers & photocopiers, 3D Printing, Plotter
  • Projectors and projection screen, Whiteboard Pens and erasers, HDMI to Lighting  Adapter 
  • A small portable induction loop system unit for people with hearing impaired
  • HD desktop video magnifier assist reading for visually impaired person
  • PC set includes screen magnifying software, screen reader software, refreshable braille display and Foxit for visually impaired people
  • Single desk frame (crank type) manual height adjustable desk for physical disability/wheelchair users