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GE Core Module – Habits of Scientific Thinking

GE Core Module - Habits of Scientific Thinking

Module Information

Habits of Scientific Thinking



Why study Habits of Scientific Thinking?


Habits of Scientific Thinking is designed to provide a basic understanding of how science and technology impact on human activities, contemporary issues and our daily lives.  This module aims to develop students’ skills in self-directed learning, analysis and communication by delivering core ideas, concepts and principles in scientific fields. 


Habits of Scientific Thinking


Why we need to develop scientific thinking?


Scientific thinking is an essential skill that enables students to critically analyse and propose solutions to contemporary problems in science and technology.


  • To equip you with logical thinking skills for whole-person development
  • To nurture problem-solving skills for study and work


Teaching & Learning Activities


A mixture of teaching and learning approaches and strategies will be adopted to facilitate student learning:


  • Lectures: communicate basic information and concepts.
  • Tutorials: students will have the opportunity to engage with the lecture concepts and materials through discussions, debate, exercises, problem-based learning activities, and individual and group assignments.  All learning activities will be designed to facilitate students’ learning processes and enhance their generic skills.